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Hi. Welcome to L. T. Fawkes Reading Room, a website dedicated to fiction, from short stories to full-length novels. You’ll find my own stuff here as well as an ever-growing collection by terrific writers from all over the world.

We’ve gotten tons and tons of great comments in the time we’ve been on-line and believe me, we’ve loved every one of them. But lately the number of comments has fallen off, and that tells us the threads have gotten too long. So we’ve cleared all the old comments out and now we’re watching for the new ones. Please take the time to say howdy or attaboy or what were you thinking? to your favorite authors!!

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22 Responses to WELCOME

  1. Dave LaMantia says:

    Love the “working man” mysteries. I really need to know what is going to happen with Terry and the gang. Please write more.

    • LTFawkes says:

      Thanks, Dave. I just started working on book four.

      L. T.

      • Marjorie says:

        Great to hear it, I read book 1 and 2 back to back and now have to pick up 3.. great series!

      • Bob Pribusauskas says:

        I work in the trades and really enjoyed the “working man’ series. I was a little surprised that my wife also enjoyed them. That is good news for the series. So glad to hear that you are going to continue the adventures of Terry and the gang. Please don’t make Terry’s love life too tortured.He has suffered enough!

  2. Enjoyed looking at this, very good stuff, appreciate it.

  3. click here says:

    I Will have to visit again whenever my course load lets up – nevertheless I am getting your Rss feed so i can go through your internet site offline. Thanks.

  4. carole says:

    Can’t wait for Book 4 in the Working Man series. Love Bump and Danny and “Boss” and the gang.

  5. Susan G says:

    I recently came across your Fillmore books and I wanted to tell you, they are the most delightful treat I ‘ve had in a long time. What a joy to read something that has me grinning from start to finish. Thank you so much!

    • LTFawkes says:

      Hi, Susan. Thanks for taking the time to drop me a line. I’m glad you’re enjoying Fillmore. I’m working hard on Fillmore 4. Hope to have it on Kindle by the end of the year.

      All the best,


  6. Diana says:

    I have been a co-owner and/or manager of a new and used
    bookstore for over 25 years. I have read tons of books I
    discovered myself, or recommended by customers. Your “Working Man Series” rocks. I have read it two or 3 times. Kudos to you! When are you going to continue the series???

    • LTFawkes says:

      Hi, Diana,

      Thanks so much for your kind words about Terry and the guys, and thanks for visiting the Reading Room.

      As soon as the fourth Fillmore Chronicles book is finished (getting close!), I hope to get to work on Working Man 4.


  7. Jason says:

    Hi, just wanted to thank you for the Working Man series. I had just started working a second job to make ends meet when I discovered your books. The twists, the humor and the focus on “gettin’ ‘er done” really helped me get through the challenge. Thanks and looking forward to other books in future.

  8. michael west says:

    i stumbled onto Early 8 at a flea market a couple years back. see, i typically only read stephen king novels because i enjoy his writing style. i have just about exhausted his collection so i decided to change it up a bit, try something new. i purchased a few books but Early 8 was the only one i could escape in. your writing style is unique and involving for the readers. i recently purchased a kindle and immediately purchased Cold Slice and Lights Out. i am currently rereading Early 8 and plan on reading the Fillmore Chronicals to get me by until the fourth Terry Saltz adventure comes out. thank you so much!

    • LTFawkes says:

      Hey, thanks for commenting, Mike. You may find the Fillmore series mild compared to the mysteries, but if you’re looking for escape and laughs, Fillmore oughta do the job 🙂 I’m just finishing the 4th Fillmore, then I go to work on the 4th in the Terry Saltz mysteries.

  9. Trisha says:

    Love love love the Fillmore series. So delightful. Can’t wait for 4!

  10. Lisa says:

    I read the first 3 working man mysteries a few years ago and have been looking for more ever since! I am so glad to hear you are planning to write a fourth! I can’t wait.

  11. Ellen in KY says:

    Add me to the list of people who are looking forward to the next Working Man mystery. I used to work at Waldenbooks and one day I was shelving a new batch of mysteries and saw Cold Slice. I was intrigued, I read it and I fell in love with Terry and his buddies. I can’t wait to read the next book!!

  12. Humprey jackson says:

    are there going to be any mre workings man mystery

  13. Was given your “working man” book on a plane ride several years ago. Wish I could thank that man for introducing your writings to me. I was captivated by the characters, went out and bought the other books, loved them as well. Have shared them with all my friends. I am waiting for more to come.

  14. Bette Jacobson says:

    Add me to the list of people wanting more of the Terry Saltz
    Working Man Mysteries. Great Read.

  15. Rina says:

    Dear L.T.

    I love to read A Terry Saltz Mystery (Working Man’s Mystery).this was incredible,really amazing!I’ve read it many times,but it never gets old.
    It stirs the reader’s imagination.I’m excited to see your next book.