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The Fillmore Chronicles by L. T. Fawkes is a humor series featuring clueless young semi-celebrity heiress Melinda Shrop and her droll personal assistant, Fillmore. Think P. G. Wodehouse meets Paris Hilton.

FILLMORE TO THE RESCUE is the first book in the series.


“Smart. Funny.”

“Couldn’t stop reading.”

“Refreshingly different. Loved it.”

Read the first three chapters of Fillmore to the Rescue here and then buy the book on Kindle at

by L. T. Fawkes

Book One: The Fillmore Chronicles

The following is not a mystery, a political thriller,
or a poignant memoir.  No one’s about to be murdered.
There aren’t going to be any ticking bombs, biohazards,
alien invasions, eco-disasters, or car chases.

The future of the world does not hang in the balance
within these pages.  There’s almost no crudity.
And if you come away with any valuable life lessons learned,
you may feel free to take full credit, because nothing in this novel
will have given you any information whatsoever in that regard.

This is just a silly story.  My advice is, approach it
as you would a bag of gooey candy or a bowl of salty cashews.

Thanks for reading it.

L. T. Fawkes

Chapters: | Preface | 1 | 2 | 3 | Next |

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